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Welcome to my Personal Site

Taking the decision to quit my engineering job at the age of 30 was one of the most motivating choices in my life. Since then, I have had a fantastic journey owning 4 businesses in 3 continents, traveling like a maniac, and finding the love of my life with whom we have 2 adorable children.

Before my 30’s, my life was full of learning and growing. I studied electrical engineering at one of the toughest polytechnics globally, the ETH in Zurich, in Switzerland. After graduating in 1999 I listed to Greek military for 2 years and then I worked in construction in Greece.

Earlier than that I was lucky to grow up in a loving family of 5, the youngest of 3 brothers, where my parents encouraged me to get into sports at an early age, five years old. And it just didn’t stop: swimming, horse-back riding, sailing, snowboarding, rock climbing, mountain-biking, windsurfing, yoga, pilates… you get the picture, I got addicted to physical activity; and to health.

What drives me now personally is my family, which I adore, sports, healthy living and nature .

Professionally, I am full in for exciting projects that make an impact on the world, green projects, sustainable energy, solar, TESLA, fun, ethical and challenging work environments; and investing.

Currently, I am at a dream job as an energy efficiency engineer on Maui, Hawaii.

What motivates me is getting into new ventures, creating solutions for hard problems, and getting my hands dirty.

the 3 years my family and I spent on Maui is easily a major highlight of my life

What I live for:
Nature, Health, Sports, Family, Travel, Adventure


My Purpose

My name is Andonis, and my purpose in life is TO loyally and caringly mentor others to feel validated by respectfully giving them time to express themselves, SO they reach their true potential and find fulfillment contributing to a better world where everyone has mutual opportunities in life.

My vision

A world where humanity is in harmony with nature, and everyone finds their own life adventure through freedom of choice and equal opportunities.

My mission

To acknowledge everyone for the unique contribution they bring to the world, giving them a greater sense of belonging and ability to fully express who they are, so they are encouraged to break out of their perceived boundaries and be open to the choices and opportunities life offers them. To connect humanity with nature by promoting care and gratitude for all its richness through preservation and sustainability projects.

Thank you for visiting.